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Artistry In Your Walls, Not On Them


New England Classic WainscotingThe large majority of people walk into a room and think of paintings or other decorations to liven up a blank wall. Indeed, almost every home does this, but let’s try to see a different approach. Suppose that instead of hanging art, you made the wall itself the art? Making the wall the focus, using accent wall ideas instead of something hanging there isn’t hard to do at all.

Getting creative with wood products as accent wall ideas can transform a plain wall into an intriguing pattern or define a certain style. Products like:

  • Wainscoting, paneling that seldom rises above the chair rail in height, roughly 3 to 5 feet. It was originally used to provide protection against dampness.
  • Paneling, a full floor to ceiling panel used as a decorative wall cover. They can be straight-planked style or panel style. It was originally used to insulate rooms from cold stone walls.
  • Boiserie is a French word used to describe the style of ornate carved paneling. They were filled with accent wall ideas, with creative uses of panel and trim making true wall art.

Those are the starting points to making your wall a center of attention. Wainscoting in particular can set and define an entire home’s decorating feel. Its accent wall ideas can turn your kitchen into that cozy Early-American dream worthy of any Rockwell painting. That same wainscoting can traverse rooms and turn your living room into a classic New England setting room with almost no effort.

Taking advantage of wainscoting and full panels, combined with a variety of trim styles can give the decorator an unbounded number of ideas. Raised panel wainscoting with classic looks, combined with a deep cap trim gives you a spot to display painted dishes, or any other accent wall ideas. Bathrooms and attics are perfect spots for a more delicate look like the classic beadboard style. Straight planking of the wood at about four inch widths with a small fluted bead separating them makes this classic look one of the best ever.

New England Classic wainscoting and paneling systems give you the ability to bring any accent wall ideas to reality. From that classic Rockwellian kitchen, to that chic modern living room wall to your home office in beautiful Boiserie work, New England Classic can supply everything you need. Look over our website and pick up a few new ideas on wall art.

Do-it-Yourself Beadboard Paneling

Have you been contemplating adding beadboard paneling to liven up a room in your house? New England Classic® now offers a beadboard paneling wainscoting solution that not only looks totally authentic but out performs conventional beadboard paneling alternatives by a long shot. It supplies you with everything you will need to complete this DIY project.Featuring a crisp, rounded double bead [...]

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Wood Panel Beauty with New England Classic Design

Lining your home interior in wood paneling is inspired by the true beauty and quality appearance of the fine architectural woodwork seen only in homes from the past. These homes invoked a sense of admiration when one considered the quality of the wood paneling and the skilled craftsman that put it all together.Because of cost [...]

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The Facts about Wood Paneling

New England Classic wood paneling can be used as decorative wall coverings practically anywhere in your home.  It adds a decorative element to offices, workshops, recreation rooms, breezeways, porches, basements, attics and even man caves.  It is thought that wood paneling was originally developed to make rooms more comfortable, in that the wood panels served [...]

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Beadboard Paneling from New England Classic

Paint, wallpaper, and faux effects can be beautiful. But for adding classic character to a room, nothing beats the look of wood.  Wood walls are the best way to warm up a house. But with so many choices available, how to start? Here is some advice to get you started. Are you wondering if beadboard paneling [...]

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Jazz up your Wall Paneling

Wall Paneling can take on a wide variety of looks! It can be used in virtually any room and with any style.  If you love the look of wall paneling, but are looking for ideas of how to use it, here are some suggestions! Also, we invite you to check out our portfolio for even [...]

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Architectural Wall Paneling

New England Classic offers unique, custom wall paneling that will add the perfect element to your home or business. We offer three styles of architectural wall paneling, including our Traditional Paneling featuring library panels and raised trim moldings, our Modern Paneling with a contemporary appeal, or the Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired casual Arts and Crafts, Classic [...]

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Sophisticated Wood Paneling

You have been selected to host Thanksgiving Dinner this year, and your dining room has not been used to serve a meal in years.  You want to revive it, what are your options?  New England Classic offers beautiful wood paneling that is sure to help you achieve it! Paint, wallpaper, and faux effects can be beautiful. [...]

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Wood Paneling

With the holiday’s right around the corner, most of us have started thinking about what we can do to decorate or spruce up our home.  If you are the host home this year, you may be thinking about a quick DIY project.  New England Classic offers beautiful wood paneling in pine, maple, oak, and eucalyptus.  [...]

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Beadboard Paneling Made Simple

New England Classic® brings back the warmth and beauty of fine wood interiors. Our Beadboard Paneling System uses wood panels to accentuate and enhance virtually any interior space. Our unique system is designed using components that complement each other. We provide high quality, fully coordinated products that will compliment any room in your home. Our beadboard [...]

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