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Easily incorporate Wainscoting into your home


Are you looking at adding Wainscoting to a room in your home? It is the perfect decorating idea for your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and hallway. Any room will benefit from adding wainscoting from New England Classic. Today we will look at our Classic Cottage Style.

The Classic Cottage style combines two of our most popular designs into one beautiful panel system. The simple design elements of the Classic American flat panels are now combined with the crisp rounded double bead design of Classic Beadboard in our two-tiered wainscoting system. The result is a refined casual design inspired by the architectural styles from the late 17th to the early 20th centuries.

Classic Cottage is manufactured using select grade-A veneer, oak, maple or cherry, laminated to a stable engineered wood core. If you want the finished installation to be painted our primed paintable option is the way to go. Classic Cottage is available ready-to-finish or factory-finished in white paint or several standard stain colors. Or for an up-charge, we will match the stain color you specify.

Classic Cottage wainscoting systems combine two of the most widely used styles---raised and/or flat panels with beadboard to create a truly impressive enhancement of any room. Normally, only one 4-foot kit is purchased, to give a customer a little more length to finish a job that doesn't need an entire additional 8-foot kit.

The combination of the more formal panels and the less formal beadboard renders Classic Cottage appropriate for any room in the home. However, specific room suggestions would include less formal gathering areas like kitchens, entry ways, guest bedrooms and family rooms. Contact us today to order one of our standard size kits, or let us cut your wainscoting to fit your customized request. We look forward to working with you!