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Fireplace Mantels: Uses and Functions


Fireplace Mantels have been around since people started building houses in colder climates where a fire was needed to keep the house warm. The styling, decoration, and ornamentation of the fireplace mantel became more widespread during the Medieval Period when it became a point of visual interest in the room. Many of the more early significant fireplace mantels were highly ornamented. Most of the time in the home was spent around the fireplace, so it was more natural to provide an intriguing point of visual interest in the room.

Nowadays, fireplace mantels are less functional, and more about enriching and complimenting a space. The typical fireplace mantels of today are not designed to be masterpieces of beauty, rather they just tend to add to and enrich the existing nature of the space and decor.

Fireplace mantels may come pre fabricated, or may be built either on or off site. When they are built off site, they can become more elaborate in design, since more time can be used to craft the mantel. Perhaps the mantel is hand carved or made of mosaic. Basically anything you could ever dream of artistically is possible with fireplace mantels. Some may be more inclined, since they spend a lot of time around the fire, to request a more elaborate artistic project for a mantel. Also, some on site mantels can really be designed to be quite appealing and rich. There are many options to consider for your fireplace mantels, so it helps to be aware of what there is to choose from when thinking of buying a fireplace mantel.

Fireplace Mantels are works of art that bring people together. What they look like is up to the consumer. Consider that they really used to be a major focal point in the house. People used to go crazy over fireplaces, so perhaps you would like to reiterate this level of charm and uniqueness in your own home.