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Wood Panel Beauty with New England Classic Design


wood panelingLining your home interior in wood paneling is inspired by the true beauty and quality appearance of the fine architectural woodwork seen only in homes from the past. These homes invoked a sense of admiration when one considered the quality of the wood paneling and the skilled craftsman that put it all together.

Because of cost prohibitions, finding a modern family home with fine wood paneling installed is all but non-existent except for in the most luxurious homes. Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Since 1993, New England Classic has been providing the highest quality wood paneling for your home at about half the cost of traditional installations. They have combined the classic quality of wood paneling with modern state-of-the-art materials. Their patented system of interlocking panels is finely tuned to fit together making installation easier while still providing the warmth and beauty of fine wood interior.

The New England Classic Panel System is adaptable for interior designers, architects, home builders and remodelers, and of the do it yourself homeowner. Layout for our wood paneling system is simple and straightforward even for someone with average skills. All of your options are clearly explained with easy to use guides for installation.

New England Classic also provides free design service. All you have to do is send them measurements, and they will return to you a complete drawing and materials list. None of their competitors can offer that service in wood paneling design.

At New England Classic, they are always striving to create the finest designs to fit your home décor requirements. They many unique designs to choose, ranging from dark woods to light colors. Some of their design options include:

  • Classic Traditional utilizing raised panels reminiscent of the colonial era
  • Classic Beadboard that invoke a 19th-century English country style
  • Classic American of early American Shaker design
  • Classic Cottage inspired by early 20th-century utilitarian style
  • Classic Rustic design with pillow edged rails, chair rail and panels
  • Classic Modern featuring a minimalistic, modern 20th-century design
  • Classic Stair Panel sets with traditional or flat panel wainscoting

At New England Classic, we offer the finest in classic wood paneling design with a modern construct to recreate a look from the past at a competitive cost that is less expensive than traditional woodworking designs.