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Blogging - Accent Wall Ideas

Accent Wall Ideas


Accent Wall IdeasIf you are looking for a way to add character and dimension to a room, or even just one wall, we have the products that allow you to complete your accent wall ideas.  We offer six unique panel system styles, ranging from 17th-century Colonial raised wood panel styles to current modern and international:

The New England Classic® Fine Wood Panel System is a bold new concept in wainscot and wall covering. It uses the highest quality veneers and engineered wood materials to deliver a product of impeccable beauty and lasting quality. Now the Fine Wood Panel System is available in six distinct styles that recreate the authentic spirit and mood of the finest architectural and decorative styles of America and Europe. These six unique panel styles allow you to achieve the style, decor, and mood you want in each room of your home. View our New England Classic Wood Wainscot and Wall Panel System Brochure.

The Classic Traditional® Raised Panel System uses wood panels to accentuate and enhance virtually any interior space. The system's components complement each other and provide high quality, fully coordinated interior solutions.

Our Classic Beadboard® System uses Bead board panels that mirror 19th-century Victorian, English Country, and Cottage design movements.

The Classic American® System incorporates recessed flat panels - honoring the American design innovations of 19th- and 20th-century Shaker, Mission, Prairie, and Arts & Craft styles.

In the Classic Cottage® you get a refined casual cottage paneling style inspired by the ‘utilitarian’ architecture of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Our Classic Rustic® collection is crafted with pillow edged rails, chair rail and panels. Each component is hand scraped, carved, and finished to portray a rugged timeless beauty.

The Classic Modern® collection offers flat panels for the minimalistic, smooth wall surfaces of 20th-century Modern and International designs.

Classic Stair PanelSets® use Traditional or Flat panel wainscoting and transforms your stairway into a focal point of interest and character.

Whatever type of accent wall ideas you have in mind for your home, we feel confident that our products will allow you to put those ideas to life! Contact us today to get started!