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Transform your living room with wainscoting panels


Wainscoting PanelsAre you looking for a way to transform your living room from blah to beautiful? Is your living room boring, boxy, with zero personality? Let wainscoting panels from New England Classic give your living room the transformation it deserves.

If your room lacks architectural detail with the blank walls, no trim and popcorn ceilings, then you are probably ready to give your room a facelift.  Wainscoting panels and beadboard from New England Classic are the perfect way to start this project.  To dress up the space and create unity between the dining room and living room, you can add instant character with classic-looking wainscoting panels.

Do away with those dated popcorn ceilings.  Beadboard on the ceiling complements the traditional style of the wainscot paneling. It goes on right over the popcorn texture.

For a dramatic top to your wainscoting, stack three styles of molding to create a chunky ledge at the top.  The result is a built-in spot for displaying art at eye level.

Trade the carpet for a floor with a lot of color variation from board to board. Wood such as walnut adds another layer of visual interest and warmth. Remember ideally, a rug should be big enough to contain all the legs of the furniture in a grouping. If that's not possible, at least the front legs of all pieces should land on the rug.  Remember it is perfectly acceptable to place furniture in the middle of a room. Just keep the visual footprint light and pick pieces that look good from all sides.

If you are planning to do a living room transformation, allow wainscoting panels from New England Classic assist you with this project! We offer a wide variety of wainscoting and beadboard panels. Contact us today to get started on your project! 

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