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Sample Home Center Beadboard Reviews

Price vs. Quality

Please read some of these Product Reviews taken from a Home Center Stores about the product they offer  ...


- Cost savings gone bad! The product is extremely flimsy and crumbles easily.   Difficult to slide the pieces together. 

- Product changed! What a disappointment.  This new stuff is pure garbage!  It is thin and weak and will not lay flat on the wall.  The bead is shallow, the T&G is very difficult (sometimes impossible) to fit together.

- Garbage.  My only complaint, and it is a BIG complaint, is that most of the panels arrived to our home chipped and broken.  There were at least two or three chipped panels in each box of six and one box was full of completely unusable paneling!

- Difficult to Use & Inconsistent.  This is garbage.  Even in the short lengths it was almost impossible to engage the tongue and groove without damaging the boards.

- Do Not Buy.  Poorly manufactured!  T&G improperly milled.  I should of took it all back but with a lot of extra work I was able to get it installed.


We typically get glowing reviews about the Shipping, Lead Time, Packaging, and most importantly the quality of our product, how easy it is to install, the fit, and people love that we have all the key components in a kit.  We also offer window and door casing that integrate beautifully into our beadboard kits, and these are often sold right along with out beadboard kits.


We've built our reputation on quality materials and workmanship, and would love to get feedback from our customers!  Check out our Testimonials page, and product reviews on many of our Product Pages!