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Specifications - Classic American Flat Wood Panel System


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Product Specifications



A. Wainscoting and wall paneling systems shall be New England Classic® Classic American® systems manufactured by New England Classic®.


A. Submit manufacturer's literature and installation instructions to determine layout requirements


A. Delivery - the Classic American® System shall be delivered to the job site in the manufacturer's original packaging with manufacturer's identification intact and legible.

B. Storage & handling - the Classic American® System shall be stored and handled in such a way to protect against contact with water, exposure to weather, breakage and damage. Do not store directly on concrete without a plastic sheet as a moisture barrier.


A. Moisture Conditions - the Classic American® System shall not be used in wet or damp areas.

B. Temperature conditions - the Classic American® System shall not be used in contact with surfaces where temperatures exceed 120 degrees F.



New England Classic®, 4145 Parkway Drive, Florence, AL 35630


A. Substrate shall be industrial grade class 3; or moisture resistant MDF, product class MD - that conform with ANSI A208.2-1994. Substrate may be sprayed with a fire retardant finish to achieve a class 1 fire rating.

B. Adhesive for bonding veneers to substrate shall be PVA, EVA, or PUR type adhesive.

C. Real wood veneer shall be grade-A, sanded to 180 grit.

D. Paintable veneer shall be recoatable cellulose film, 80 gm. weight.

E. Primer shall be waterborne, low gloss, 40% volume solids, in applied thickness of 5.0-6.0 mil

F. Factory finish shall be either catalyzed lacquer or conversion varnish per Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI) Custom Grade Specifications: TR-2 and OP-2 for lacquer, and TR-4 and OP-4 for conversion varnish finish.


A. 6"panel, 6"x 9"x 3/16" thick
6"panel, 6"x 12"x 3/16" thick
6"panel, 6"x 15"x 3/16" thick
6"panel, 6"x 18"x 3/16" thick
6"panel, 6"x 23"x 3/16" thick
6"panel, 6"x 31"x 3/16" thick
6"panel, 6"x 47"x 3/16" thick

B. 9"panel, 9"x 9" x 3/16" thick
9"panel, 9"x 12"x 3/16" thick
9"panel, 9"x 15"x 3/16" thick
9"panel, 9"x 18"x 3/16" thick
9"panel, 9"x 23"x 3/16" thick
9"panel, 9"x 31"x 3/16" thick
9"panel, 9"x 47"x 3/16" thick

C. 12"panel, 12"x 12" x 3/16"thick
12"panel, 12"x 18"x 3/16" thick
12"panel, 12"x 15"x 3/16" thick
12"panel, 12"x 23"x 3/16" thick
12"panel, 12"x 31"x 3/16" thick
12"panel, 12"x 47"x 3/16" thick

D. 15"panel, 15"x 15" x 3/16" thick
15"panel, 15"x 18"x 3/16" thick
15"panel, 15"x 23"x 3/16" thick
15"panel, 15"x 31"x 3/16" thick
15"panel, 15"x 47"x 3/16" thick

E. 18"panel, 18"x 18" x 3/16" thick
18"panel, 18"x 23"x 3/16" thick
18"panel, 18"x 31"x 3/16" thick
18"panel, 18"x 47"x 3/16" thick

F. 23"panel, 23"x 23" x 3/16" thick
23"panel, 23"x 31"x 3/16" thick
23"panel, 23"x 47"x 3/16" thick

G. 31"panel, 31"x 23"x 3/16" thick
31"panel, 31"x 31"3/16" thick
31"panel, 31"x 47"x 3/16" thick

H. 9" stair panel,
9"x 21"x 3/16" thick, (37 degrees)
9"x 20"x 3/16" thick, (41 degrees)

I. cap, 1-3/16" x 1-1/4" x 96" long

J. rail, 5/8" x 4" x 96" long

K. base rail, 5/8" x 8" x 96" long

L. shoe, 3/16" x 1-1/4" x 96" long

M. center stile,
3"x 9"x 1/2" thick
3"x 12"x 1/2" thick
3"x 15"x 1/2" thick
3"x 18"x 1/2" thick
3"x 23"x 1/2" thick
3"x 31"x 1/2" thick
3"x 47"x 1/2" thick

N. end stile,
9" primed or 10"x 9"x 1/2" thick
9" primed or 10"x 12"x 1/2" thick
9" primed or 10"x 15"x 1/2" thick
9" primed or 10"x 18"x 1/2" thick
9" primed or 10"x 23"x 1/2" thick
9" primed or 10"x 31"x 1/2" thick
9" primed or 10"x 47"x 1/2" thick

O. stair stile, 9" primed or 10"x 28"x 1/2" thick

P. plate shelf, 1"x 3"x 96" long



A. Install per the manufacturer's recommendations using the instructions provided with the product.


A. Manufacturer shall furnish a five-year warranty against defects in material, de-lamination and workmanship for parts only. Removal labor, reinstallation labor and freight are not included.


A. City of New York MEA 190-99-M

Classic American: Introduction | Details | Dimensions | Specifications | Stairs | Brochure | Other Styles