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Wood Paneling Ideas


Classic BeadboardWood Paneling is one of the fastest ways we know of to add charm and interest to the walls and ceilings in any room. But if dark, masculine dens and stuffy libraries come to mind when you think paneling, think again.   Rich wood paneling from New England Classic is perfect for creating that formal look, but if bright, airy and open are adjectives you're trying to create, don't count wood paneling out. A coat of paint, or a few coats, can transform that wood into something that's perfect for your home.

If you like the look of white but sometimes find it boring, painted wood paneling can be a perfect enhancement. The white is sleek, clean and shiny, while the grooves in the paneling add dimension and interest, creating a room with loads of personality. 

For the charm of painted paneling without committing to the entire room, put it in one spot. By adding wood paneling over your bed you draw attention to the focal point of the room and create striking contrast to the walls surrounding it.

Painted paneling is a looks fabulous in colors that reflect the outdoors. Dreamy greens and blues bring what you see outside your window to the indoors.

If you want your room to have floor-to-ceiling paneling, create contrast with paint.  By painting the ceiling you add so much charm. We are huge fans of choosing a blue that mirrors the sky.

Paneling placed horizontally and vertically in your desired space adds visual interest and can you’re your room feel more cozy.

If you want to add old charm to your newer home, painted wood paneling definitely creates that look. We love the way painted paneling creates the look of age. Paired with elegant decor, it's sophisticated and chic but can be equally relaxed when complemented by more casual furnishings.

If you are going for a look that isn't as dark as stained but has more of a presence than plain white, tan is a good compromise. It's still warm but much less formal and looks terrific offset with white accessories.

We hope these ideas for wood paneling have gotten your creativity flowing.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us