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Wainscot Price Estimator OLD

Here is a convenient way for you to get a quick estimate of the cost of materials for your wainscoting project based on the square feet you will be covering and an average cost per square foot for our paneling.

  Materials Cost Estimator Chart Based upon an approximate Cost Per Square Foot

Wood Species/Factory Finish Option  Classic Beadboard  Classic American  Classic Cottage  Classic Modern Classic Rustic Classic Traditional

 Paintable / Primed Only

$7.84 $7.64 $9.99  NA  NA  $10.41
 Paintable / Factory Painted  $15.13 $14.93  $15.46 NA NA  $17.70
 Oak / Unfinished  $12.21  $12.58  $14.91  NA  NA $23.24
 Oak / Factory Stained  $19.50  $19.88  $20.60  NA NA  $30.53
 Maple / Unfinished
 $13.34 $12.98 $17.35  $23.40  $19.00 $29.46
 Maple / Factory Stained  $20.63  $20.28  $23.57  $31.10 $26.40 $36.75
Cherry / Unfinished  $13.38 $13.38  $20.32  CALL CALL  $33.45
Cherry / Factory Stained
 $20.67  $20.67  $29.04 CALL  CALL $40.74















Get an estimate of materials cost in a few easy steps:

  1. Determine the height of the paneling you want in inches.  ( e.g.,  36" High )
  2. Determine the linear length of paneling you want in inches. (  e.g., 52-feet x 12" per foot  =  624" ) Note:  Do not include doorway dimensions but please do include window dimensions if any wainscoting will go around and/or under the window. 
  3. Multiply paneling height by the linear length to arrive at square inches of paneling (e.g., 36" H x 624" L  = 22,464 square inches)
  4. Divide square inches by 144 to arrive at total square feet.  (e.g., 22,464 divided by 144 = 156 square feet)
  5. In the chart above, select the column containing the style of paneling you would like to have (e.g.,  Classic American)
  6. In the first column select the wood species and finish option, and find the approximate square foot price under your paneling style column (e.g., Paintable/Factory Painted under Classic American = $14.93 per square foot.)
  7. Multiply the Approximate Square Foot Price by your square feet (e.g.,  156 square feet x $14.93 = $2329 is the cost estimate for materials for this sample project.)

NOTES:  This is only an estimator and it assumes the use of our standard paneling and trim components.  Actual cost may be impacted by many things, including:

  • Extra tall, oversized or custom paneling or trim
  • Factory finishes assume use of our standard colors.  (Custom colors are available with an upcharge.)
  • Other variations
  • Subject to change/correction without obligation

Submit our Design Request Form for an accurate/exact price quotation.