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Random Plank & Rustic 4x8 Plywood Paneling

No matter how carefully rugs, draperies and other furnishings are assembled, or how much they cost, if the walls of a room aren't just right, nothing looks right.  So don't give your walls short shrift.  Give them plenty of thought and consider them first in whatever remodeling or redecorating plan you have.


Random width 'planks' separated by grooves mark our collection of over thirty laminated panels rich in the grain patterns and subtle colorings of the best of hardwoods sure to meet your design styling! And with the convenience of a prefinished laminated face, there is no staining, painting, or sealing needed with our random plank and grooved paneling, so the application is a snap! 


Random Plank Pattern Paneling has grooves at approximately 4", 8", 4", 7", 9", 6", 4" and 6" and is sometimes referred to as 9-groove paneling.


More than any other wall covering, wood paneling imparts a sense of permanence.  It has a living quality.  Vibrant, warm, natural.  A satisfying texture and strength.  Wood paneled walls are a versatile, most receptive background for almost any decorating style.



Most of our paneling is IN STOCK, ships immediately and there is no additional charge for shipping!