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Why New England Classic?

Why is the New England Classic Panel System the Best?

Are there other wainscoting products that look and feel like New England Classic's product? Yes, but we are confident your research will find both our design, engineering, and pricing are clearly the best.


 New England


Design Decisions Integrated design with clearly explained options. Complex options & details.
Layout Simple, straightforward determination of material requirements.
Design service
Time intensive drawings and detailing; multiple steps.
Installation Complete 'kit of parts'.  Straight- forward and quick with average skill. Requires highly skilled carpenter.
Order Time 2 - 6 weeks 6 - 12 weeks
Reliability Ships complete every time. Call-backs common.
Cost Look and feel of custom styling at 1/2 the price. Hidden, hard to control, uncertain outcome
Support Easy-to-use guides for layout & installation.
Toll-free (888) 460-6324 M-F
You're on your own.
Materials Stable, durable engineered wood core and carefully selected veneer. Unstable, commonly shrinks & cracks = high maintenance.
Warranty Yes No