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Technical Information

Details, Specifications, Finishing, Maintenance and more

Details, including specifications, dimensions, finishing options, and more related to New England Classic Wood Panel Wainscoting Systems.


Component Specifications & Dimensions


Product Use

New England Classic products are made with premium wood veneers and will have natural variations in grain, color, texture, etc.  These variations are the essence of the woods' beauty and romantic appeal.


- This product should not be installed in areas where it is likely to come in contact with water, such as tub and shower enclosures.
- This product should not be installed in any area where the temperature is likely to exceed 120° Fahrenheit for more than a short time.
- This is an interior product and cannot be installed outdoors.


Cutting A carbide-tipped saw blade designed for cutting laminated materials, or one with the following specifications will provide high quality cuts.

- Alternate face bevel, hollow ground, or high angel alternate top bevel (>15°)
- 5" side clearance
- Positive hook of 15° or greater
- 60 to 80 teeth (10" diameter blade)


Fasteners - Nailing: For best results use 8d (2 1/2") finish nails in the grooves built in to the rails and 4d to 8d finish nails to attach cap and shoe.


Pneumatic nail gun:  Adjust air pressure until nail head sets below surface.  To avoid splitting, do not nail closer than 2 1/2" from any end.


Recommended Fasteners*

4d 6d 8d
 Stanley-Bostitch  FN1524  FN1532  FN1540
 Senco  DA17  DA21  DA25




  *or other manufacturer's equivalent



Hammer and nails: Pre-drill all nail holes.


Screws: Use #7 x 2 1/4" trim head screws and pre-drill 1/8" pilot holes.


Finishing and Maintenance

Unfinished Oak, Maple and Cherry

Fill all nail holes and splices with matching stainable wood filler. Avoid getting filler on the surface around the hole.  Sand wood filler patches smooth to the veneer surface with 180-grit paper, taking care not to sand through the veneer.  Apply stain, sealer and clear finish coat, lightly sanding between coats with 220-grit paper.


We recommend applying a light coat of lemon oil or furniture oil to replenish the natural sheen, especially in dry environments.  Use of wax polish may cause buildup and dull the finish sheen.


Factory Finished Oak, Maple and Cherry

Use touch-up materials included to conceal fastener holes.


Paintable Surfaces

Prior to installation, prime any surface to be painted that is not factory-primed, then sand with 180-grit paper. (NOTE:  DO NOT SAND BEADBOARD PANELS!)  It is not necessary to prime stiles, rails, shoe, cap or casing.


After installation, apply one coat of paint to panels. DO NOT SAND STILES, RAILS, SHOE, CAP or CASING and DO NOT SAND BEADBOARD PANELS. After the first coat is thoroughly dry, and you have filled all nail holes with a paintable vinyl-based spackle, finish coat all parts together.  Gentle household cleaners may be used, if required.



These data sheets address specific application topics:

    pdf image Dimensional Stability & Humidity


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    Wood Paneling | Substrat and Veneer Properties Fire Resistance / Flame Resistance Performance Information