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Specifications Diagrams of Classic Traditional Wainscoting


Components Parts of our Classic Traditional Raised Panel System

The New England Classic Traditional® wood panel system is simple to specify and install. Four basic heights, 32", 36", 40" and 44" are combined with five panel widths, 9", 12",15", 18", and 23", to accommodate almost any application.

Components are packaged for convenient ordering, handing, and use.

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Available in 9"x23", 12"x23", 15" x 23", 18" x 23" and 23"x23" panel sizes. Each package contains:

  • 4 panels

  • 4 stiles (3" wide)


Available with either 4" base rail (32" an 40" FramePak ® ) or 8" base rail (36" and 44" FramePak ® ).

  • 1 cap

  • 1 top rail

  • 1 bottom rail (4" or 8")

  • 1 shoe


Packages are 8' long.

Adjusts the layout to fit variable length walls, completes corners and windows by trimming to desired width. Each package contains:

  • 4 end stiles (9" or 10" wide)


6" PanelSet®
Adjusts the layout to fit variable length walls. Each package contains:

  • 4 panels (6" wide)


Window and door trim designed to match. Each package contains:

  • 3 backbands ( 8' long)

  • 3 casings ( 8' long)


Component are 8' long.

Stair PanelSet®
Available in two angles (37° and 41°) for either left-hand or right-hand stairs. Each package contains:

  • 2 panels (9" wide)

  • 2 stiles (3" x 23")

More Information on Stairs



Stair StilePak®
Adjusts the layout to fit variable length stairs and to transition from stair to straight run at top and bottom of stairs. Each package contains:

  • 2 stiles (9" or 10" x 28")



Finishing and Maintenance

Unfinished Oak, Maple, and Cherry

Fill all nail holes and splices with matching stainable wood filler. Sand wood filler patches smooth to the veneer surface with 180-grit paper, taking care not to sand through the veneer. Apply stain, sealer and clear finish coat, lightly sanding between coats with 220-grit paper.

We recommend applying a light coat of lemon oil or furniture oil to replenish the natural sheen, especially in dry environments. Use of wax polish may cause buildup and dull finish sheen.

Factory Finished Oak, Maple, and Cherry

Use touch-up materials included to conceal fastener holes.

Paintable Surfaces

Prior to installation, prime panels, then sand with 180-grit paper. It is not necessary to prime stiles, rails, shoe, cap, or casing (or factory-primed panels).

After installation, apply one coat of paint to panels. DO NOT SAND STILES, RAILS, SHOE, CAP, OR CASING.  Fill all nail holes with a paintable vinyl-based spackle. Finish coat all parts together. Gentle household cleaners may be used, if required.